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October 1st 2020
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Beckingham Village Hall Social Club............................

Notice of 3rd Annual General Meeting of Beckingham Village Hall Social Club to which all members* are invited

To be held at Beckingham Village Hall, Chapel Street, Beckingham On 2nd September 2020 commencing 7.15 pm

*Please note that because of COVID-19 requirements numbers attending will be restricted to the maximum permitted at the venue. Those who are unable to attend but have issues they wish to raise should email or write to the secretary before 2nd September.

  • 1. Welcome and Introductory remarks
  • 2. To approve minutes of 2nd AGM held 3rd July 2019
  • 3. Matters arising
  • 4. Chairmans Review of Third Year
  • 5. Presentation and Approval of Annual Accounts
  • 6. To Elect Club Officers and Management Committee for 2020/21
  • The following have served for the third year of operation and are willing to offer themselves for re-election: Chair: Phil Wells, Vice Chair: Sean Conway, Treasurer: Ian Hickingbotham, Membership Secretary: Wendy Williams, Club Secretary: Jane Wells Management Committee: Andy Brewer, Jason Hunt, Ben Scall, Scott Toomer, Plus officers above
  • 7. To approve Membership Fees for year 2020/21
  • 8. To agree which Charity is to be supported during the current financial year
  • 9. To consider suggestions for future Club activities
  • 10. Any Other Business

Jane Wells - Club Secretary Email: janewells.jw@gmail.com 24 July 2020

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(To make a booking contact Lawrence Tatton 07900 104481)

Parish Council Meetings 2020 Parish Council Meeting by Zoom. Wednesday November 18th 2020 - Please contact the Clerk for attendance information.

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