January 21st 2018
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posted 9th January 2018

the latest December newsletter from Marianne Overton is here

posted 5th December 2017

the latest December Bugle is here

posted 14th November 2017

Details of the Christmas refuse collections are here

posted 10th October 2017

The next Neighbourhood Panel meeting 7th February 2018

N Panel

posted 6th October 2017

Important news about A17 roadworks is here

posted 13th September 2017

Bassingham Walks


posted 14th September 2017

Brains of Kesteven competition 6th October 2017


past Village news is here

Planning Applications received in 2017

19th October 2017

17/1346/OUT - Land Rear Of Former Packhorse Inn School Lane Beckingham

Outline application with all matters reserved for erection of dwelling

19th September 2017

17/1209/HOUS - Ardene Hillside Beckingham

Erection of single storey extension to front of existing garage together with erection of new covered porch to rear of garage

5th June 2017

17/0541/HOUS - 5 The Paddock Beckingham

Demolition and rebuilding of existing double garage

29th April 2017

17/0325/HOUS - Goose Cottage Rectory Street Beckingham

Proposed 2 storey extension AMENDED

21st March 2017

17/0325/HOUS- Goose Cottage Rectory Street Beckingham

Proposed 2 storey extension

28th January 2017

17/0046/FUL- Land adjacent to Corner Cottage Sleaford Road

Erection of dwelling

27th January 2017

16/1652/FUL- All Saints Church

Installation of 3 broadband antennas

Planning Applications received in 2016

8th December 2016

15/1764/HOUS- Fulbeck Airfield

Erection of 10 Wind Turbines

12th October 2016

16/1234/HOUS- 14 Sutton Road Beckingham

Erection of Conservatory

5th August 2016

16/0830/FUL- The Packhorse Inn Sleaford Road Beckingham

Conversion of existing public house with first floor flat over to form 2no dwellings including demolition of outbuilding

13th April 2016

16/0384/FUL - Field Farm Sutton Road Sutton-cum-beckingham

Removal of existing agricultural mobile home and erection of new agricultural log cabin.

17th March 2016

16/0226/HOUS - Braytoft Barn 2 The Pastures Beckingham

Erection of single storey extensions to front of dwelling

Planning Applications received in 2015

9th September 2015

S15/1764/EIAFP - former RAF Fulbeck Airfield

Erection of 10 wind turbines

10th November 2015


Removal of existing conservatory and erection of garden room

11th June 2015

15/0670 - White Berries Sutton Road Sutton-cum-beckingham

17th May 2015

15/0579/PNND - Field Farm Sutton Road Sutton-cum-beckingham

15/0498/HOUS - Post Office Sleaford Road Beckingham

Village Hall Dates 2017

(To make a booking contact Lawrence Tatton 07900 104481)

Parish Council Meetings 2018 7pm Wednesday 10th January 2018

7pm Wednesday 21st February 2018

7pm Wednesday 28th March 2018

7pm Wednesday 2nd May 2018

7pm Wednesday 30th May 2018

7pm Wednesday 25th July 2018

7pm Wednesday 26th September 2018

7pm Wednesday 21st November 2018

Opening times for the Village Hall Social Club

Friday 19.00 to 23.00

Saturday 16.00 to 19.00

Sunday 12.00 to 14.00

posted 17th September 2017

baby can dance

Classes now being held at the Village Hall