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August 8th 2020
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posted 28th March 2019

Three documents to download from the meeting on the 27th March for the proposed Beckingham Conservation Area (BCA) - BCA Appraisal Consultation document , BCA Management Plan Consultation document and BCA Questionaire

Beckingham Parish Council

Currently the Parish Council comprises 5 members (the maximum possible) and meets bimonthly.

The agenda for the meeting can be viewed in advance on this website and on the noticeboard outside the Village Hall. Please forward any items you wish to include on the agenda to the Clerk 7 days before the meeting. The Parish Council welcomes public involvement at the meetings and will always make time for the public to speak. Minutes are approved at the following meeting and can be viewed on this website and on the Village Hall noticeboard. The Parish Council is responsible for the running and maintenance of the Village Hall.

Parish Councillors

Lawrence Tatton
  • Cllr. Lawrence Tatton (Chair)
  • email:latatt3@gmail.com
  • tel:01636 629350 & 07900 104481
  • address:Ridge View,School Lane,Beckingham,LN50RJ

Andy Brewer
  • Cllr. Andy Brewer(Vice Chair)
  • email:andybrewer1961@hotmail.com
  • tel:01636 629149 & 07721 975974
  • address:The Cottage,Chapel Street,Beckingham, LN5 0RH

Philip Wells
  • Cllr. Philip Wells
  • email:pandj.wells@btinternet.com
  • tel:01636 626667
  • address:1 Hillside Cottages,Hillside,Beckingham LN5 0RQ

Scott Toomer
  • Cllr. Scott Toomer
  • email:scott.toomer@me.com
  • tel:01522 726666
  • address:Hillside Cottages,Hillside,Beckingham LN5 0RQ

Angela Smith
  • Cllr. Angela Smith
  • email:anjiblanca@hotmail.co.uk
  • tel:07913 236327
  • address:Chestnut Cottage,Chapel Street,Beckingham,Lincoln,LN5 0RH

District Councillors;

  • Cllr. Chris Spray
  • Cllr. Mary Green

County Councillor:

Marianne Overton
  • Cllr. Marianne Overton MBE
  • email....CllrM.Overton@lincolnshire.gov.uk
  • tel........01400 273323

Parish Clerk

Terry Brown
  • Terry Brown
  • email: clerkpc@beckinghamvillage.co.uk
  • tel:01476 516366
  • address:189 Belton Lane, Grantham, NG319PL

Could I be a parish councillor?

As a councillor you can become a voice for your community and affect real change. It helps if you're a "people person" who enjoys talking to other residents but, more importantly, you need to have the concerns and best interests of the parish as a whole at heart. Councillors are community leaders and should represent the aspirations of the public that they serve. Parish councils are the most local part of our democratic system and are closest to the public. Why don't you stand for your local parish council and see what difference you can make to your local community?

How much time does it take up and when?

On average, less than a couple of hours a week. Obviously there are some councillors who spend more time than this - and some less, but in the main, being a parish councillor is an enjoyable way of contributing to your community and helping to make it a better place to live and work. Council meetings are always held in the evening - as are most meetings of the other groups which councillors attend on the Council's behalf. Talking and listening to your fellow parishioners can be done at any time but you must be able to spend a couple of hours every six to eight weeks (in the evening) attending the Council meeting.

Am I qualified?

Most people are. However there are a few basic rules. You have to be:

  • -- a British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Union, and
  • -- 18 years or older on the day you become nominated for election, and
  • -- live or work in or near the parish, and
  • -- are not the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order, and
  • -- have not, within five years before the day of the election, been convicted in the United Kingdom of any offence and have had a prison sentence (whether suspended or not) for a period of over three months without the option of a fine.

There are also some other disqualifications relating to candidacy.

Beckingham Parish Council 2019 vers 5

Village Hall Dates 2020

(To make a booking contact Lawrence Tatton 07900 104481)

Parish Council Meetings 2020 Parish Council Meeting by Zoom. Wednesday September 23rd 2020 - Please contact the Clerk for attendance information.

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